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Some things just flat out need to be changed. Entirely transformed, even.

There really is a way to transform how you experience everything in life. Beginning right now. Today.

Even with all the aspects that are, and will most likely remain, out of your control--the key to transformation in how you experience life is completely within your control.

This is it: Romans 12:2.

"Be transformed by the renewing of your mind" (NIV).

"Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think" (NLT).

"Be transformed by the renewal of your mind" (ESV).

We are advised to guard our heart because everything we do flows from it-- and we must understand that the war for the heart is fought in the mind.

As you cooperate with God in the renewal of your mind you will find your heart more protected, and your life transformed in ways even more fundamental and better than whatever change you currently wish for.

It's simple, and true.

So how can you change the way you think? 

Begin to replace your thoughts with His. One thought at a time. 

Here is an easy way to do this: 

These free printable verses I've made are both the full version and the first-letter-only from the New International Version of the Bible.

In short, by looking at only the first letter of each word in the verse, you are training your brain to recall the scriptures, not trying to repeat them. This is how we learn to memorize, by recalling, not repeating.  To read more about how and why it works, and for a free tool to convert any scripture you like into this form, click here.

My gifts to you?...

They are as simple as print, fold, and begin!

Here is an example...

Step 1) You simply click on the link that says:
What IS Eternal Life? and it will take you to this printable verse and memorization aid:


Step 2) Print it out, cut along the border, and fold it in half

Step 3) Place it by your kitchen sink, on your bathroom counter, your dresser top, or anywhere else you would see it regularly. Begin memorization! I was so pleasantly surprised at how much easier this method makes committing scripture to heart and mind!

And you can always flip it over when you can't remember...

You could also do something like this to carry with you when you leave home?... Full verse on one side, and pasted to the back is the first letter only copy.

***Would you like a specific verse in this free printable format? Would you like a different version? Do you have a specific topic you would like to know more scripture about? Just ask! I will be adding verses here often and would love to make something just for YOU.***

Free Printable Links:

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To Have the Deepest Desires of Your Heart Satisfied
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