Thursday, March 28, 2013

My 7 Year Old Daughter's Monologue on Technology, Contentment, Why People Do What They Do, and Other Thoughts

She challenges me in the best ways.

So today, she wanted some "mother-daughter time". Because she wanted to tell me some things she is passionate about and has been thinking about. She told me she wished she could share these thoughts with teenagers and adults because she wants to know what they think about these things, too. After about a minute I sat down with a pen and paper and just tried to keep up with the stream of words that were rushing out in this convicted torrent, full of richness I don't know that she yet fully comprehends.

So here you go. I have edited some portions where she mentioned specific people, other than those changes, these are 100% her thoughts, her specific phrasing.

By Selah. 7 years old.

" I feel like all our privileges are making things worse for our culture. Because people are always wanting to do things the easiest way. But I feel like the easiest way isn't usually the best way.
I feel like people just want to take shortcuts--like on their chores and responsibilities--so they can get on to having fun...

... I also feel bad for animals. We keep cutting down trees, and taking their territory. And people need to stop littering. Like, in all the spaces in between buildings, there is litter. I wish people would take responsibility for their things. I also want to help clean up and help with animals who are hurt by oil spills... what I like about cleaning is this: cleaning is good for thinking.   

Sometimes, I get so angry with people and technology. I just want to destroy technology sometimes. Because it's not good people when they begin zoning out of real life things that are good for them like reading books and spending time outside and with people they love and with God. Like, have you noticed when we go to the park how we are often the only ones there? Unless someone is walking their dog. That is a reason why I love animals. They distract you from technology and help you focus on real life...

Here's my point: we don't need life to be the "easiest" way. People aren't thinking about God. They just care about life being easier on themselves when they're sucked into technology. They don't always want what is better for them--they just want what feels better... feels easier.

Because people don't want to feel pain. They don't actually have to be happy, they just want to feel happy. They do things because they think "I just want to feel nice." And when people are like this, they aren't really thinking about others. About what others might need or want. All they are thinking is "what do I want?"

They don't need anything from technology and other things that make them feel good. But they call them needs. They aren't needs, those are wants. 

When I go into a house without a TV I think "thank you for not having a TV!" Now don't get me wrong, I like watching TV sometimes. I don't think there is anything wrong with watching a movie every once in a while. It's when you become addicted to it that it starts not being good for you.

I read a lot of books. And you know how in the stories there is always an evil person, or being, or force or something that is trying to suck people in and get control? Trying to have power over the people? I feel like that is what happens with technology. 

I mean, watching one movie isn't bad but when you want to watch another one and another one and another one--that starts being bad for you. Because the problem is this: then what you are watching is what you start thinking and feeling is important. And all the other natural and real life things just get blown right out of your mind!

And then people start thinking about wanting more, more, more! That's something that really frustrates me. People get something, and then think "I want more!" A lot of people are never content. You know?

Probably every kid has thought this stuff too, but they take it lightly because they like TV and so they want to watch it too.

And how some people treat holidays--they bother me too. Like Christmas. CHRIST-mas. I mean, come on! And on Easter and other holidays... it's just sad. It can be all about candy, candy, candy and gifts and I like those things but that's not love. Those holidays are about love. 

But about the technology... I say people should take one week off, and see all the exciting things they're missing. And if they still think I'm wrong, then they should take another week off. Because the first week they'd just be straining to get back to the technology, but the second week they might begin to realize what they're missing. 

I think about the books I read about people from a long time ago. They didn't even have electricity. And we're tough. We don't need this stuff. It makes life easier in a lot of ways and I'm not saying electricity is bad... I'm just saying, we don't need it. And these things that make life easier can be bad for you if you think you can't live without them and if you're addicted to them."

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, friends!


R said...

I'm a teenager, and I hear you, girl. I so agree.
And you know, these privaliges- we take them lightly- but hold them lightly. God allowed us to be here at this time and place to serve His purpose for this generation- relize that now, and look for your place in His plan. And easier isn't always better, as my swim coach so often reminds me- it's the pain that makes me who I am. I am a stronger swimmer because I embrace pain every practice, and a stronger almost-woman because I have walked through darkness.
Also, about the holidays- yes. They're about love. And that's why Easter, and all of Holy week, is my favorite holliday, because we focus on Christ. Never loose that!
You're a very wise girl!
Blessings this Easter weekend.

Elise said...

To R from Selah

"Thank you!! Good luck with your swimming! "


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