Monday, April 12, 2010


I once was cold and naked and blind. So completely alone and lonely. So desperately dark and empty.

I now have warmth from the inside out, and from the outside in. I am now clothed and covered by an impenetrable Shelter. My Refuge. Light that opens blinded eyes. Filled full by Fullness.

I once was hungry, starving for Bread. Dying of thirst for Living Water. No drop could quench my thirst. I was surrounded by enemies dangling fruit that only lead to further starvation and death.

I now drink from an overflowing cup. An endless ocean deep. And a table is prepared for me, even in the presence of my enemies. I am crowned and satisfied.

I once was filth. A dirt that could not be scrubbed off in the most scorching water, with the harshest sponge. My mouth was full of gravel. Bitterness and unforgiveness an ever present stain.

I now bear the brightest whitest light that shines from my Beloveds face. Embraced by Purity. I am a long sought after, delighted in bride.

I bend in wedding dress and pick up a stone. I want to throw it. To crush what is so obviously unholy.

Now I see. I see evil and call it such. I hear the mocking of His holy law and am enraged. I see the freedom He gives taken advantage of. I want justice! I want righteousness! I want the spitting in His face to stop!

Heat rises in my face as I take my aim.

My Beloved asks "will you be the one to cast the first stone?" The gentleness in His voice stills my arm, my breath is caught by this painful recognition.

He holds my gaze. I cannot bear His eyes that are filled with compassion, my passion pales in His love. My eyes drop and see His scarlet gift of my white bridal gown. Vision is lost in a blur of hot dropping shame.

I stare at the stone in my hand. Has it been so long? Have I forgotten what I was? I am a new creation with a terrible memory.

But He knows that.

"Stones" He says, "Are for remembering."

I kneel and place this stone of remembrance to the ever-growing pile of evidence of His faithfulness.

Lord, I forget how warmed I am until I am brushed by another's fierce coldness. I forget how satisfied I am until I see someone starving to death. I forget what a gift sight is until I recognize someone struggling through daily life in blindness. I forget how protected I am until I see someone without Shelter. I forget how loved I am until I encounter loneliness. May this stone be a reminder to turn my passion into compassion like Yours! You are the Righteous Judge who does not show favoritism and Who loves me, the worst of sinners. May this stone remind me that You stepped in front of me, and bore the crushing beating on your back when others screamed of my guilt.

Then my Husband, my Leader, my Lion of Judah, the Lamb who was slain and takes away the sin of the world, my Wonderful Counselor said to me as He lay His hand on mine "Stones, are also for building."

What if? What if we all built up a wall together instead of stoning each other? What if we as believers all lined up our stones of remembrances that God has given us? What God has done for us should be shouted from the mountaintops! It is the proper lens to view ourselves, and others, and God through. With such a massive wall of God's faithfulness surrounding us how could we struggle with faithlessness? With our forgiven sins and evidence of our redemption reaching up to the sky how could we struggle with judgement? Would not the love that completely surrounds us force our lips open in praise to Him?

"I tell you," he replied," if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out."
Luke 19:40

Let us build together!

"The God of heaven will give us success. We his servants will start rebuilding"
~Nehemiah 2:20

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