Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A(nother) Late List

God is working some hard, deep rooted things out in me. When He gives me the words I will share them, I just couldn't get it together before yesterday. So without much commentary here is my post of thankfulness that I am recording each week(and attempting to share each Monday) along with the gratitude community...

#192 Bible memorization tips, especially First Letter of Words tip

#193 His Spirit connecting scriptures in my heart and mind, helping me to understand Him better

#194 ripple lines in skin from middle knuckles on hands

#195 soaked beans simmering on the stove

#196 rain falling at a slant

#197 scissors, glue, and construction paper

#198 Grandmom's china plates and silverware, handed down and used daily

#199 fresh cracked pepper

#200 a cube of ocean wonders in my living room

#201 Selah pretending her fingers are chopsticks so she won't have to use her fork to pick up rice

#202 sunlight backlighting leaves, illuminating green

#203 a dried leaf, lone tumbleweed clattering a tap dance across the cul-de-sac

#204 laughter on merry go-rounds

#205 how all animals are a "dog" or a "cat" to the baby

#206 the baby continually trying to stick her fingers in the bathtub to get to the baking soda I was using to scrub it out

#207 Licking her fingers and loving the salty taste, totally unfazed by my "Ewwww!! Please stop!!!" and my angling to get in her way

#208 hard laughter at the end of a hard day

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