Monday, March 28, 2011

Curing Spiritual ADHD

There are so many things in life that contribute to spiritual ADHD. So much busyness. So much pressure, ambitions, goals, desires. So many good things, media things, communication things, relationship things, fun things, necessary things.

Who has time to stop all the rushing-deficit-disorder and focus long on the One who gives real focus?

What's more, how does one even begin to focus?
To train the mind so accustomed to inattentiveness and impulsivity?

And what is the harm, really, to the distracted soul?

"To focus our minds on the human nature leads to death, but to focus our minds on the Spirit leads to life and peace."

~Romans 8:6

When we get a glimpse of God, we fall flat on our face. A full-out hard-stop. He becomes our focus when we see Him.

Giving thanks is how we enter His courts, His ever-unlocked gates. It is a way of being ushered into the presence of the Omnipresent God, the ever-Present who is everywhere.

I write this numbered list out in snap-shot style, but a mural painting would do His heart-gifts more justice, would better show the slowing happening in the eye of this life's storm.

He stands with me there in the middle of the roaring and helps me to focus on what would otherwise simply be ripped up in the rushing wind, blown away.

Taking daily doses of thanks to focus on the ever-present gift of Him ... focusing on the Spirit for the sake of very life and peace...

#349 organic coconut oil

#350 dental floss

#351 that Little Girl loves talking to me, telling me stories, when she laughs at her own "jokes"

#352 Baby starting to giggle-laugh at things people say and do--recognizing "funny" moments and/or feeding off others reactions to situations

#353 the way Baby meows like a cat in a super-falsetto voice

#354 Husband's unhurried embrace

#355 salted, soaked and slow-dried pecans, walnuts

#356 I wake again, because the LORD sustains me

#357 work provided, babysitting provided

#358 the bottom of Little Girl's stick horse in rough condition because it is "ridden" so much

#359 cool morning breeze, light stretching sleepy

#360 productive, peaceful hours before anyone else is awake

#361 bare feet pattering

#362 birds saying good morning to each other

#363 kefir, plain greek yogurt, nuts, almond butter, guacamole... my new "normal" snacks

#364 feeling worse and thinking about those who really know suffering, remembering what really frees from suffering

#364 bumgenius diaper sprayer

#365 efficient exercise that energizes, strengthens, comforts, and doesn't take all day...

NOTE : I am lovin' it more each time(though I am still so weak I only do 10-15 seconds of "super fast", and I am only doing 6 reps at this point)! If I did more than that, I'd be worthless for the rest of the day. Small steps.

#366 paying off debt

#367 friends who are real and raw about tough issues, who cling to Jesus for strength

#368 Sister love, Baby and Little Girl giggling themselves silly in the back seat

#369 beauty blooming in lowly places-ditches full of wildflowers

#370 buttercup bouquet

#371 a faint pink line


mariananderson7 said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Right? ...Or is there another faint pink line I don't know about? :-)

Elise said...

Oh no, you got it right! : D

Thank you!!!!

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