Sunday, July 31, 2011

Because He has Freed Me from My Chains

"You have freed me from my chains.

I will sacrifice a thank offering to you and call on the name of the LORD."

~Psalm 116:16-17

... and in this offering of thanks, more chains are loosed...


* blue sky dotted with clouds, a slow but ever changing picture of beauty and glory and Artistic Nature

* hot pink crete myrtle in full bloom

* hole in the ceiling-patched, textured and painted!

* the smell of baking banana bread filling the house

* warm buttered slices and cold milk

*Tom Sawyer-like little girl joy, daddy letting them take turns holding the hose to water the front lawn

* Selah in full soccer-wear, face flushed and curls flying rogue... excitement in anticipation of her first soccer season

* husband coaching daughter in patience and tenderness

* God-directed conversations

* there is nowhere we can flee from His presence

* crayon graffiti on walls, beds, doors, toys... toddler full of mischief, energy, joy

* God lessons through children

* the sky-view coming over the bridge

* the way Alexa says rhinoceros: "nosh-eous"

* hard family conversations, shared hearts and frustrations and prayers and laughter--unity made stronger in this safe place of Love that covers all our multitude of sins

* the blessing of being his wife, the mother of his children, witness to his God-walk

* knowing if He wants it to happen, it will happen

* devotions with Selah

* VJ, Hunter, Victor, Chris, Vanessa, Carol, Josh, Carmon, Whitney, Dewtang and so many other "big people" that joyfully invest in the "little people", making a measureless mark of love and confidence in their lives--my children blessed to be among the many benefactors

* we can always come back to Him

* falling asleep in snuggle-hugging arms

* all four(five, actually) of us wrapped up on the twin bed, softly breathing prayers and last I love yous of the day

* Wonderful Savior... be blessed, be loved, be lifted high... be treasured here, be glorified... knees to earth I bow down to everything You are...

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