Friday, February 8, 2013

What We Need to Teach Our Children Before They are Grown

If I teach them phonics and grammar and spelling in multiple languages, but don’t set the example of speaking in patience and kindness, not in rude or proud ways... I am only a resounding gong or a clanging symbol. 
If I set the example of how to keep a clean house and how to understand all the world’s other mysteries, and how to know what to say and do in each situation, and if I show them I have enough faith to move mountains, but I am self-seeking, easily angered, and mentally keeping a list of the wrongs done to me... I am nothing.
If I display how to give sacrificially, even being willing to die for a cause, but don’t show them that my joy is because of the Truth, that He is why I’m always hoping, always trusting, always persevering, I gain nothing.
He. Never. Fails. 
All life phases will cease, be stilled, pass away.
To teach what will remain: love.
The greatest of all is Love.
And He never fails.

Free printable of this coming tomorrow... because I need to remember these truths about parenting.

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