Saturday, August 24, 2013

You Can Learn to Open the Door

Just a few miles from my home are several Psychic shops. Tarot card readings, palm readings, crystals and candles and fortune telling are readily available.

The fact that these places have been open for years is a testament to me to how curious, or wounded, or desperate people are to know things about the supernatural, about their past or future, or about themselves. Maybe they just want to experience for themselves if contact with unseen spiritual beings is possible.

Not all, but enough, unfortunately learn through this avenue that receiving communication is possible.

While there is much deception surrounding many Psychics and their practices, and while there are countless dangerous spiritual doors that can be opened by trying that route to knowledge, many people still want to know things that they cannot discover or discern on their own. So they seek it out through any open door, regardless of what may be on the other side.

My prayer is that every church, every follower of Christ, learns how to confidently offer this ability that each have to open the door to the One who is knocking, and sit in the meeting place with the unseen Spirit who knows everything, who loves perfectly, and from whose mouth comes truth, life, wisdom, and understanding.

~excerpt from my free eBook on Listening Prayer, coming soon!

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