Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti--The International Breast Milk Project

How can I help????

The tragedy in Haiti has been tugging at my heart. I have felt helpless, but not hopeless. I've been praying, and I feel like God has shown me a possible way to help.

Attention all breast-feeding moms :

Thousands upon thousands of babies are now motherless. When I nurse my precious daughter and look into her sweet, happy, chubby little face it breaks my heart for the babies who are now not only without their mothers, but also without the life-giving supply of mother's milk. Please consider donating your breast milk!

After researching the "where" and "how" I found that all sites directed me towards The Human Milk Banking Association of America. You can read about The International Breast Milk Project HERE.

Here are two amazing stories I found of how breast milk is life saving in emergencies! :

1) The Kim family trapped in the snow
2) the amazing woman who breast fed babies after a quake in China, saving nine of them.

Learn more about Infant Feeding During an Emergency HERE.

There is going to be a huge need for milk for a long time, but there is an even greater need for prayer!

Let's not grow weary of praying for so many who are suffering, and those who can, please prayerfully consider donating your breast milk!

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Melissa said...

wow, that is so cool! If only I were a few months further!!

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