Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Selah Sayings and Stories

She's a joy. She's in trouble. I'm embarrassed. How wonder-full. She's so smart. She has such a good memory. I really need to watch what I say. Oh-Boy. Oh-well. Laughter.

It is possible for me to have all of these responses to a single sentence that comes out of my Daughter's mouth.

I know that she is, and each of us are, a piece of Him... the wonderful Father. If she were the only piece of Him that I ever had the privilege to experience, how could I ever think He is boring? She is living proof that His character, and His sense of humor, are more complex than I could ever imagine!

It would be impossible to record everything interesting that comes out of her mouth, since it is in incessant motion except for when she is sleeping. But I have decided to start sharing some things as they happen, or as I remember them.

For those of you who don't know her, she is a curious little four year old that speaks in very clear, to the point, adult language. She has had an excellent grasp of language since she was 18 months old. I will write like she speaks, though it is unfortunate you cannot also see her feisty body stances, hands motions, and facial expressions.

For those of you who do know her, I bet you are already smiling.

Story #1)
Her sense of justice( a memory from June 2008, she was almost 3 yrs old):

We had been in a hit-and-run accident where the other driver totaled my car. We were all unhurt, but Little Girl, who had been in the backseat, was very upset. Husband and I tried to comfort her and explain that we were all okay because God had protected us, and that was all that mattered. She had been listening closely though, as her Daddy had explained to the police officer that he was unable to get the other drivers license plate number. She also had heard the police officer say it was not unusual for the guilty party to flee the scene, and that honestly, they usually were not found or held accountable. Little Girl understood that Daddy and Mommy were not happy the man had left them with a very broken car, and she did not like this. She said so. She would not be comforted.

So, Husband and I told her to pray, to talk to God about what the man did, and ask for God's help in the situation. We suggested she pray that the police officers would find him. We told her we were just wanting him to do what was right so he could help fix Mommy's car.

So with angry, teary eyes she prayed:

"Lord Jesus, please help the police officers to find the man who hit us..."
(Husband and I nod our heads in agreement)

"... and when they do, please throw him to the alligators!"

Whoa! Hold it!

We tried to explain that we did not want the man to be hurt at all, we just wanted him to do what was right. No matter what we said, this was the prayer she prayed for the next several days.

After hearing her pray this with such sincerity and conviction one time, my Dad said " Poor guy, he doesn't stand a chance. He should have just come back and paid for the damages. Now he's got Little Girl praying alligators on him! I hope he doesn't go near a zoo or anything... "

More stories/sayings coming soon...


Joel said...

I love that story.

Melissa said...

ha! i love it! so, did they ever find his body??

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