Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Cure I Really Need

I've been soothing fevered bodies for a few days now. I am tired.

I am so thankful for this extra time I have with my sweet girls and husband and am glad to help meet needs... but sometimes, my sickness takes over.

I become impatient, ill-mannered, ungrateful.

And my Refiner who lets the heat increase to burn out the dross... unseen, lurking underneath the surface and making me unwell... He reminds what I need:

"Return, faithless people; I will cure you of backsliding."
~Jeremiah 3:22a

I want to be faithful in small things so He can entrust me with big things. I sip down the dose of His Word that He sends to heal me, to save me from the grave. And when He sends His command to me, a sick stranger missing home on this ill, ailing, disease ridden earth, it runs through my veins swiftly, the cure promised, needed.

"Yes, we will come to you, for you are the LORD our God."
~Jeremiah 3:22b


my name is kimberley said...

yes! i so get this sickness rears its ugly head, even when bodies are well.

thank you *so* much for this reminder.

and for the sweet comments left on my blog...:)

Melissa said...

I totally understand that tiredness, and it definitely opens doors for soul-sickness to sink in! Ezra has had a cold all week and low-grade fever. It fortunately has not been bad or required much, but lets just say he hasn't been feeling like the most independent 7 month old ever. Today I told Joel: "So, since you never get to see or play with your wonderful son during the week, what if I grade your algebra quizzes while you take him until bed?" (unspoken: please? please?? :o)

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