Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Selah Sayings and Stories

Dearest Selah,

You are growing up so fast it makes my heart ache in the most joyful way. I get a front-row seat to see God shaping you into the beautiful young woman He has created you to be. It is a glorious show with all kinds of hilarious twists and compassionate turns. I wanted to record some of the adventure here, because you love it when I blog about you.

God has given you a compassionate heart. You care very much about other people being sad, or lonely, or scared, or without something they need. Like when you wanted to give every item in the catalogues as Christmas gifts to those in need. Or how you can't stand it when Alexa cries at bedtime. You cover you face with your pillow and cry too, saying "please, please just pick her up and nurse her or hug her or something!".

I remember when Great Paw Paw(my Grandpa) was still alive and living with us. He would sometimes be quite grumpy because he couldn't remember things, and that worried him, but you never let his grumpiness bother you. You were very patient, and set a great example for us adults. You would say "it's okay, I know Great Paw Paw just can't remember...". One time, after Great Maw Maw(my Grandmom) had gotten up for the day and had gone into the living room, Great Paw Paw stayed in bed for a long time. He couldn't remember where his wife had gone, and still wanted her in bed with him to hold his hand, and he called out over and over "Rachel!.... Rachel!... Rachel!...". She had already stayed in bed with him sooooo long, and we told him that she needed to get up for a little while. He couldn't remember that and still called out. Do you remember what you did? You said "it's okay Great Paw Paw, she's just in the other room..." and you crawled into bed and lay next to him and held his hand. He stopped calling out, and wasn't afraid anymore, because you were there with him. You lay still and quiet, just holding his hand, for a long time. You were four years old. That is a great example of what it means to be "the hands of Jesus".

God has also given you a sharp mind and He uses you to bring so much joy to everyone who knows you. One time, you were playing charades with some family members and you kept huddling on the ground with you legs and arms all tucked up, and you'd lay very still. You were "being a rock". After you did this many times you were asked to please try and be something else. The next time it was your turn, you took the exact same positioning again, and the response was very unenthusiastic "let me guess... you're being a rock." You would grin and not move. "Nope." After a while you revealed what you were posing as and though I wasn't there at the time you said it, I was quickly found in the next room and through tearful laughter heard that "Selah said... she was being... gum!" God is going to use your mind in powerful ways! I'm so glad you are so devoted to memorizing scripture with me! You challenge me to learn more, I am trying to keep up with you! We will have the book of Colossians memorized by the end of the year! (You can join us, too! Click here to see how).

And lastly, I wanted to write down something you've been saying lately that makes me smile every time I think about it. You love to go outside and play, however, since it's been so cold lately, you haven't been staying out too long. Whenever we have a bright day full of sunshine you can't wait to burst out the door. But then when the cold air hits you, you turn to me full of disappointment and almost wail "Ooooooo noooooooo! It's fake sunshine again!!"

**I love you**


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Rachel said...

Elise thank you so much for sharing this!
I know Selah will look back and be glad you saved these memories about her. Your daughter truly is amazing!

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