Monday, February 7, 2011

My Little Magnifying Mirror

She has been writing lists with me for a few weeks now, and I'm noticing a pattern.

Her lists, they fill with things like mine, many, she wants written exactly the same way.

It's not lack of creativity. It's just, when I say something I'm thankful for, even a certain way, that becomes exactly what she is thankful for, too. She can't see it any other way after the words have left my lips. If I say I am thankful for slices of light that peep through the blinds, she sees and is thankful for slices of light.

And her original thanks too, like "oxygen" and "that God exists in our lives" and "angels"... once they fall from her lips, I am so thankful for them too.

Thanks magnifies thanks and it multiplies joy. You start to see all the "little things" more clearly, and you see them everywhere.

jotting down thanks with my sisters from A Holy Experience...

#167 crisp, cold sliced apple

#168 the girls napping at the same time-allowing me a little mid-day quiet time

#169 her eyes

#170 worn through knee spots on well-loved, much playing in jeans

#171 the way she un-successfully attempts to tuck a curl behind her ear, over and over

#172 read-aloud library books

#173 Husband-made blueberry pancakes

#174 Mom bringing homemade chicken broth and her company

#175 my baby wanting my mom to hold her and not put her down

#176 citrus jewels

#177 Little Girl's pink and white striped sweater, threaded through with sparkling silver

#178 Husband-cleaned kitchen, hand washed dishes

#179 Baby sticking out her tongue the whole of bath time trying to drink water from the shower head

#180 baby monitors

#181 wind wild dancing with pine needles 50 feet above my head

#182 curious, chubby baby fingers stained blue from an ink pad

#183 the big one feeding the little one

#184 how badly Baby wants to do things herself

#185 the way Baby loves to sleep right on our faces

#186 a much needed job just in time to pay the maintenance fee

#187 friends who want to spend time with me

#188 a god-daughter turned 3

#189 sweet Sister, who wanted her love letter enough to ask(I had forgotten to give it because we weren't together on Christmas day, when the rest were handed out!)

#190 Sunday family meals, time, talks

#191 homemade guacamole

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