Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Definitely a Plus Sign

I. Am. Thrilled!!!!!

Looks like we'll have a new little one for a Christmas present!

Selah's reaction? Bouncing off the walls excited. Immediate declarations of all the things she is going to do for the new baby... embroider a blanket... make pictures... string a necklace.

And she said she wanted to be there for the birth so she would be the first person the baby saw.

That's not gonna happen.

Alexa doesn't have a clue, she is just feeding off of Selah's energy.

And Jason? Typical Jason. Completely expected. And to be fair, I have been telling him for weeks now that I was sure I was pregnant... and coming up with negative tests. Like, six of them.

His first responses as he lounged in bed this morning were along the lines of "are you sure?..." and once I showed him the tests ect. he moved on to things like "we are going to need a bigger house..." and he smile/groaned(as Selah was literally bounding around the house screaming in a pitch only little children can screech out) "I don't know if I can take much more of this..."

Selah stopped screaming long enough to jump in the conversation as she and the baby bounced up and down on his back: "oh, you can Daddy! Much, much more! You have room for lots more kids on your back! Like, 20, or somethin'!"

His final responses before leaving for work were the bear hugs and talking to the "new peanut" in my womb and saying "congratulations Mrs. Hurd" and lots of competitive things about my equally-competitive brother and his wife(who also just found out they are expecting) like "poor Jeremy, he just doesn't stand a chance."

One of my favorite things he smiles at me often is something he's heard from my Dad and now claims as his own "I'm working on my retirement plan."

Thanks for all the love and congratulations!


Melissa said...

YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! PS--I think God gave us the first boy so that we WOULDN'T be feeling competitive right now and trying to join in the party so soon! ;o) I am soooo excited for another little Hurd niece or nephew! I love you guys!

MommaMindy said...

Congrats! We always loved bringing another baby into our home. I am so thankful for all the beautiful Scriptures the Lord gave us about children. It makes it a sacred kind of exciting event.

Elise said...

Re: MommaMindy : Thank you!! And yes, I am tenderly aware how they are truly a reward!! He is so good to me, so much more than I deserve! What an honor to be trusted to steward a little part of Him! I gratefully accept any and all He gives!

Re: Melissa: : D love you so much!!! And my adorable nephew!!

Jeremy Duncan said...

HAHAHAHA... Elise, could you please tell Jason that a quick little calculation would show that Amanda and I are spawning .8 children per year, while you two are creeping along at a salt-covered snail-like pace of .67 children per year. In addition to that, If Amanda and Elise ended their child bearing age at exactly the US national average, and continued to have children at the same rate, we would end our streak with a whopping 22.6 children, while the Hurds would pop out a measly 19.75....

AND our 0.6 of a child would probably still be able to dominate your 0.75 child in soccer.

P.S. I felt sick to my stomach considering the thought of having over 20 children.

I concede. Jason you can win.

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