Monday, April 25, 2011

If You are Feeling Discouraged Today

I read it in the last verse of the Proverb for the day, and have the name for the crumbling I've been feeling inside:

"Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control."
~Proverbs 25:28

The chocolate wrappers lay scattered, the harsh words ring in my mind, and my deep desires to do well in this one-short life by honoring God meld weakly into words from my deceptive enemy aiming to crush my repentant heart into something unfeeling, something hard and jagged. Something broken down.

And always, faithful and tender, Father-God stoops low, reaches hands wounded and scarred with my brokenness down into all my mess, and whispers again for me to remember. Remember the Truth so I can re-member, strong Carpenter hands gently crafting all the shattered pieces to somehow fit back together in a cross-beautiful mosaic.

And when I don't feel like writing because I don't know how to do it honestly without being exposed He covers me with His truth, His word a salve to my raw, discouraged heart.

"But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness. "
~Hebrews 3:13

So, choosing to keep my heart tender as He re-members me, I remember in thankfulness His great gifts from these past couple of weeks. My prayer is that you may be encouraged and lift your eyes up to Him, the author and perfecter of your faith.

#390 a message responded to
#391 being able to proceed with Selah's adoption
#392 a loving God who is faithful to complete His work in even the strongest willed
#393 hearing unexpected maturity in a voice
#394 reminders to pray, pray harder
#395 first camping trip as a family
#396 breathing more fresh air, less conditioned
#397 tall, stretching tree trunks speckled with sunlight and shadow
#398 whole tops swaying, bending, rustling in wind
#399 cooked-over-coals pancakes, steaks, potatoes
#400 s'mores before and after dinner
#401 home grown spring mix
#402 a long weekend, extra time with the husband
#403 family that loves babies, children
#404 walking, pondering, praying, thanking
#405 praying the same prayer for weeks and months on end knowing He hears, and cares, and answers perfectly in His perfect timing
#406 Husband sharing his God-moments, thoughts, and questions with me
#407 being outside long enough to have sun-color left on skin
#408 the health/ability to walk 4+ miles with church family, carrying a home-made cross from a church member's home to the sanctuary
#409 feeling the weight of carrying a cross in some small way for a few moments
#410 the treasure of a few minutes in silent prayer next to a good friend
#411 Selah wanting the caption on her Easter drawing to be "It wasn't the nails that kept Him on the cross, it was His love for us."
#412 being-in-His-presence tears
#413 hands lifted high, fingers outstretched
#414 the baptism of a dearly loved brother in Christ, beloved children, church family
#415 that God has CRUSHED death
#416 an empty grave, forever!


Jaclyn Tremont said...

Great post! I really needed something like this today :)

Anonymous said...

This was one of those times when God is so ridiculously obvious, so clear, and everything was exactly what I needed to hear. The whole story's not exactly worth typing out, but hopefully I'll get to share with you soon how much God used you and your words =)

Mari said...

A beautiful list and great words for my discouraged heart tonight. Thank you for sharing.

Craig said...

I didn’t come by from Ann’s link today – I just came by to read your words. And thank you for opening up the way you did – I share those same exact feelings. And I want to encourage you – I have never once walked away from your words without being blessed. You have a gift. And s I pick a fave from your list - #413 hands lifted high, fingers outstretched (if by this you mean yours to the Father in praise – or the bambino’s to you in need – they are both kind of the same – I heart it) God Bless and keep you and all of yours Elise. I really hearted this post. Thank you. ♥✞ღ

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