Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What You Should Say Directly to God More Often

Golden-green seeps softly in, sun filtered through stretching top leaves, washing a gentle good morning on my bedroom floor.

The box fan hums and the house is quiet, only occasional barely-there meows squeak from the weeks-old kittens learning to stagger-walk across my closet floor.

Yet before I even open my eyes, I want to surrender the day.

Wave a white pillow case weakly wild in the air and curl up fetal tight into intentional unconsciousness.

I feel the pressure of all that isn't done, all that can't possibly get done, all inadequacy and helplessness and tiredness that desperately wants to cry but just can't find the energy to form droplets or breathe any way but these short, tight breaths. The husband draws in long a deep breath, turns his sleep-peaceful face towards the light.

My mind races down the must-do-lists and should-do-lists and the guilty why-didn't-I-do-lists and I pray-beg for Him to stop it, because I know this mad morning mental dash is not a God-pace, cannot be sustained without becoming weary. So many left-over things, forgotten things piling up, that somewhere along the way I have forgotten what He left me... what He has written for my day.

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."
~John 14:27

My iron-deficient first trimester body wrestles down my Jesus-anemic soul, but if I don't get a dose of Him soon I will collapse into an exhausted mess that no amount of sleep could help. Only in sleep am I list-less but now even my sleep has become listless because I am ravenously spirit-starved for the Only Source of energy to wake up and greet the day in Strength and Victory.

And this is the day that the LORD has made for me to glorify Him in. If I give up on this day, who is to say I am guaranteed another? My soul is eternal, my body is not. Why do I so easily sip down the poisonous lie that this day, this morning, this hour, this moment can harmlessly be surrendered?

So to not lose this day one dripping moment at a time I count thanks and I recall scripture and now I say something often (in part) because I need to hear it often, these words that He showed me He has been missing.


I love You."

The words the Loving Parent never tires of hearing, always responds to in truth to His child the much needed affirmation.

"I love you."

These words I proclaim so boldly to others came surprisingly awkward and shy at first, being such direct intimacy, unpracticed in our relationship as of late. I was startled to find how different it was saying "I love Him" and being bride-vulnerable bare before Him saying "I. love. You."

I can thank Him, and make requests, and confess and repent but I don't heart-connect the same way as when I say plainly, simply, sincerely: "I love You."

It makes me aware how near He really always is... helps me to hear how often my Father is saying "I love you" to my distracted child heart. I think I better hear His words after I say this because I am listening for, and even expecting, His response.

He never disappoints.

Sharing a conversation from April 5th, 2011
**scripture portions of the conversation are linked to the full scriptures read, please click on a link to read the entirety of the powerful, loving Word directly**

"LORD, I hear You saying...

LORD, hear me saying...

Please help me to give thought to the way of life, I believe that You are The Way.
If my paths are crooked, I pray by Your Spirit that teaches me all things that I would know it, and whole-heartedly turn back to You.
Please mold me into a wife my husband may rejoice in and be satisfied by, a wife who captivates him by her love, not a never-ending, never-finished list of accomplishments. Please burn out the dross until I am loving and grace-full.
I acknowledge these good gifts can only come from You, the very Source of Love and Grace, and I approach Your gracious throne with bold confidence knowing that You wish me to bear this type of fruit for Your glory, that you always help me in my time of need.
I love you.

He stoops down, gently takes my hand, the Lifter of my head...

LORD, I hear you saying...

I love you, too.
I love you, too.

How about you, lovely friend? Do you find it easy or difficult to say "I love You" directly to God? When you do speak your love to Him in such a straightforward way, what has your experience of His response to you been?

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