Monday, August 29, 2011

My Smiling Prayer for You This Day

I'm back!

And I can't stop smiling about it. I have so much I want to share that I didn't know where to start! But, then I came across this verse, and it is my sincere prayer for myself and for you all... and I think this may be the best way for us to enter into the sacred places with Him? That's where I really want to journey with you. Come with me?

"May the praise of God be in their mouths and a double-edged sword in their hands"
~Psalm 149:6

Sharing thanks today, so grateful for Him and His endless gifts... and I count you chief among them! 


*online picture identification for spiders- easing my mind about the creepy crawly found in my house


*having to be sparing with the remaining running water, good reminder of my wealth

*a husband who can analyze and fix the water leak problem

*a deep breath of freedom

*new green life pushing aside all the covering dirt, stretching tender leaves

 *little girl conversations

*her trying so hard at soccer practice

*play time with neighbors

*little girls giggling over missing front teeth

*being able, reminded by His Spirit, to pray for protection, direction

*rain-soaked wood

*standing puddles

*gray skies

*rain-washed air

*drops trembling, hanging, dripping off everything

*children that want to be held

*through You the dead will rise

*letting go of expectations, being released from tension

*Psalm 149:6

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