Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What this World is Full Of

It only takes a moment. I barely set our things down and she is yanking off her sandals and grinning wild.

We are outside! There is a hill! Wind in the face and bare toes to the earth she swipes the dirt and ants away and runs round and round and up and down all giggling joy. 

Her bobbling laughter turns many faces, most often mine, towards the sun setting slow, crowning her flushed face with gold and amber.

It's just a hill with a spotted tree. It's just Selah's soccer practice. It's just a common sunset. It's just a little breeze. It's just being outside. 

But I miss it. 

All the joy waiting to be felt beneath dusty feet. The earth which the breath of His mouth created... I walk this everyday. The heavens that declare His glory, I forget to stop and look up and see

"Do I not fill heaven and earth? declares the LORD."
~Jeremiah 23:24

Does she know she walks holy ground? 

I slip my sandals off, and look up. It's just a common evening rolling in a deepening gray, a soft blanket cooly tucking in the warm day. But I think I can see, a little more...

"Earth's crammed with heaven, 
and every common bush afire with God.
But only he who sees, takes off his shoes..."
~Elizabeth Barrett Browning 

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