Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Husband Love: A Recipe and a Resource

I see him less than when we were dating...

... less than when we were engaged...

... less since the vows were sealed in rings of gold. Daily life somehow has a way of doing that. 

And I'm thinking about it again, especially since it is almost a year since my Grandmom passed out of this world and into the embrace of her first Love and life partner who had preceded her. 

I'm thinking about her eulogy. Her legacy. And I'm dwelling on the perspective that my Dad once spoke to me that shook my way of viewing others. 

"My perspective on situations and relationships really changed when I stopped viewing others as a part of my life, and started asking myself 'what part of their life am I'?"

I am praying about this now: what part of my husband's life am I? 

In the few hours we see each other a day, am I expressing my love for him? Or am I just letting the moments slip by in exhaustion, distraction, grumpiness, to-do lists and chores... assuming tomorrow will always come, and this time can be taken for granted? 

LORD, let it not be so!

So. I am trying to be intentional about doing little things I know are not insignificant to him. I've posted before about how he loves food.  Eating is a love language for him. So when my amazing sister recommended this delicious recipe to me, I couldn't wait to make it for him! 

Melissa, he loved it.**Thank you!**

I made a couple of adjustments due to available ingredients, but was still quite satisfied with the result. If you have a husband who also thinks that "food" should be added to the list of love languages, then consider giving this a try! 

A piece of honey wheat bread, lightly toasted, with a generous spread of basil pesto (an English muffin was recommended, and I think that would make this extra tasty)...

one hard boiled egg sprinkled with a touch of fresh ground black pepper and salt...

avocado(you have to have avocado)... 

bell pepper, jalapeno, and tomato diced and drizzled then topped with thinly grated cheddar cheese!

He was a little skeptical of the combination of flavors, but quickly gave it his stamp of approval! He did not quite suggest, but did mention, that crumbled bacon would be a nice touch to this dish as well(no surprise there!). 

And when he went upstairs to change into work clothes, I slipped a note in his lunch box. 

Because I say a lot of words. And they're not always beneficial, encouraging, and uplifting. I wish they were, and pray I am growing that direction. 

And though my husband is not as "wordy" as I am... I know what I say and write has deep impact on him. So I write my love for him and pray God lets these things from my heart take root in, and nurture, his. 

You can find these love notes and other wonderful resources/aids for expressing love and appreciation for your husband here, or here, or possibly even at your local hobby lobby(where I found the notes I have).

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