Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happiness is on the Menu

Husband wanted to go out to eat. I didn't. I just can't shake the Food Inc., Food Matters, Jordan Rubin information out of my mind.

My sweet, hard working, deserving Husband likes options when choosing his food, he likes it to look pretty, and he likes to eat immediately when he is hungry.

It was time to get creative!

I sent him to the store for a couple of items, and got to work!

When he returned home he was greeted by a sweetly dressed Hostess(who was very happy to have the opportunity to wear her beloved flower girl dress again). He was asked to have a seat, received his menu for the evening, and was asked for his drink order.

This was a pay-as-you-go meal.

He Ordered: Green Dream (Iced Organic Green Tea)

Payment: $Loving Look

Then as an Appetizer he ordered: The Works( a salad with all the toppings you can dream up in Papa Bear size portions)

Payment: $Great Big Daddy Bear Hug

When he got to Entrees he had a hard time deciding and asked his waitress for recommendations.

My mom and I waited in the kitchen, laughing as silently as we could, knowing what he would eventually come to... then when he reached the "You Name It" burger we heard him bust out laughing "Ha! Yeeeeeeah, right. Some of these are a little expensive... and besides you know that's not up to me, you gotta talk to Him about that... and uh, is this also on a 'pay-as-you-go' basis? How's that supposed to work..."

Mom and I are nearly doubled over now. I can't stop laughing. But in order to keep things age appropriate for the Curious Little Audience I interrupted "okay, okay, so what are you going to have?..."

For his Entree and Side he chose: I Know You Love Me(Texas Cheese Fries with Cheese, Ranch, and Bacon Bits) and Hurdicuss Maximus(Two Jalapeno Beef Patties with Cheese, Avacado, Bacon, Fresh Veggies and Ranch)

Payment: $ A Kiss for the Cook, and $ Happy Dance

And we did have desert, and there was plenty of payment of the $Lip Smacking and $Ooohs and Ahhhs... but I had joined them at this point so there are no pictures of the deliciousness that would have caused you to rush out and eat an entire half gallon of ice cream by yourself. You are welcome.

Playing and book reading were a beautiful end to a wonderful evening.

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