Monday, August 30, 2010

Laughing Through a Little Sour

We can't stop laughing. I try to hold the camera still enough to take pictures.

"Why does she reach for it again??...."

She wants it badly enough to deal with a little sour!

Giving thanks today for things that I continue to "reach" for, I am truly so grateful ... even if I do have to deal with a little sour...

#19 cloth diaper fiascos. Velcro closures+Baby who likes velcro noise=cute, persistent trouble.

#20 teaching how to read the word "said" to a sweet, forgetful five year old

#21 home cooked meals

#22 laundry laundry laundry

#23 car problems.... having one in the first place and being wealthy enough to fix the problems!

#24 Gracious Spirit Who convicts, reminds, and refines. O Love that will not let me go.

holy experience


Chelsey said...

I love the photos -- what a cutie she is! And that is so funny she keeps reaching for it!!!

I'm teaching a forgetful 6 year old how to spell the word said! First she spelled it "sed" and then "saide". English is so confusing...

Thanks for sharing your Thankfulness.

Rachel Clark said...

Adorable photos! I love it! Great list...being thankful for laundry and car problems...because it means we have clothing and transportation!!!

Melissa Ann said...

#19... I totally get it. Oh the laughter... oh the mess ;)

Sara said...

My little one loved the lemon. And I enjoyed how you put the circumstances in life into perspective, having a car and the finances to fix it!

As always a delight to splash around in goodness with you today.


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