Tuesday, December 14, 2010

730 Days with You

Dear Husband,

We've come a long way, you and I.
And you still hug me hello and spin me 'round, anything to make me smile.

It's hard to believe that we made those vows before God and loved ones two years ago today. I remember the craziness of planning the wedding in six weeks, so we could fit it in the short time frame Joel and Melissa would be home from their work with the Peace Corp in Mauritania, Africa. I remember how you worked for hours on a way to secure the tent for our reception because I wanted it...


I look around this home that you have worked over a year on, so many hours, so many days, working to make me happy. I am more than happy. And while I love the space you've made for us, it is your devotion and tenderness and playfulness that bring me such deep joy.

It is your reading voice in the moments before we go to sleep, your loving texts throughout your workday, the way you always seem to say "you are beautiful..." when I'm feeling most unattractive, that woos me deeper into this comfortable, safe, oneness with you.

But most importantly, you draw me to Him. The One we said we knew was at the center of all things good, of all things successful. You lead me so well, humble me by example.

You are so quick to forgive my many faults, even before I've asked, and move on, never holding grudges against me. You are just as quick to ask for forgivenss, never too proud to say you were wrong.

You ask about my heart and mind and listen well and long. You pray for me, with me.

You share your thoughts with me, even when you know I won't understand(you are so smart you amaze me!).

You are not too busy for me. You encourage me to slow down. I am recognizing what a gift, what a blessing, what a God-thing that is.


God has given me 730 amazing days of oneness with you. I hope we have thousands upon thousands more!

I love you.

~The Wife

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kristi b. said...

So sweet! Happy anniversary!

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