Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11:: Perspective

I am so grateful to have access to the beautiful minds and hearts of fellow bloggers. Their iron-sharpening-iron perspectives help me focus and grow and laugh and still and quiet. I wanted to share some of my favorite series from the 31 Dayers with you! Most I had read before this October, and all are amazing women who love God and write for His glory. 

Alene lends her corner of web for 31 Days of real, raw stories told anonymously. There are letters signed anonymously from a Pastor's wife to their church congregation, from a trafficked girl to her pimp, from a girl who had an abortion to the Doctor who removed her child from her womb, and more. They are written anonymously because the intention is not to hurt others, but they want to share the whole truth of the pain, and process, and healing. Must Read. Click here. 


Deidra opens wide a beautiful perspective in "31 Days in My Brown Skin" that you don't want to miss! Her writing style is lovely and she addresses this topic with grace, wisdom, and transparent straight-forwardness that just makes me happy. Read the comments after each post too! Rich stuff here!

Emily, author of the insightful and inspiring books Graceful and Grace for the Good Girl, is writing a series called 31 Days to Hush: thoughts on becoming a curious listener. The practice of listening to learn. Are you feeling the need to hush? This series gently talks about what's underneath our frenzy, why we won't slow... and it reminds and encourages us to meet with the One who is always there waiting for us when we still.

Lisa-Jo Baker is writing about writing and I love it! If you haven't met Lisa-Jo, you really should. She's a super hero. Then, check out her 31 Days series, it's full of beautiful encouragement and direction. 

And y'all know I love Ann Voskamp. Her blog was the first one I read consistently(at the prompting of highly respected women) and was pretty much the main motivator to start mine. I just love how she shares what God teaches her... she is full of Grace and it pours out in her writing. She is writing about 31 Days to Crazy Joy. Don't miss a single one!!

And thank you to The Nester, who is the inspirational hostess for over (((1200))) 31 Days series!
Now it's your turn! Do you have a favorite from the 31 Dayers? Please share their series in the comments! 

*Today is day 11 of my 31 Days series about Focusing on Christ. You can check out my other posts on this page. *


Positively Alene said...

You bless me so much! Thanks for mentioning the letters -- I love getting these silent voices and hurts out for others to learn and grow from. Each story an inspiration in itself as they teach us about forgiveness in Christ. Love your series!!!

Elise said...


I am so grateful for you and what you are doing through this series!! May God bless you as you bless others through being real, Christ-focused, and full of grace!

I'm just about to go read today's post...

: )

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