Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 12:: Art

We all create. We can't help it.

Messes or masterpieces... we create.

Because we were made in the image of Him who created from the beginning.

And art... it's all about focus. Focused time, energy, skill, vision, passion.

I can't sculpt clay, play an instrument well, or shade with charcoal... but it brings me such joy to stitch words together no matter how messy my patchwork ends up being. I'm a little frayed at the edges right now anyway, so it makes sense if my writing reflects that.

When we make art using our God-given passions, we experience a taste of His joy of creating because in that moment we are choosing to share it.

 Don't tell me He doesn't get a kick out of freckles, or stripes on a kitten, or the knobs on the head of a giraffe(what are those things for, anyway? Just decoration?). Did you guys see my pictures from a couple of days ago? How about that design on the leopard tortoise? God is a breath-taking artist. He is wildly creative. I love it!

I am encouraged to not lose focus of the beautiful truth that He said creating is good and that He put some of His artistic ability in me, in a unique way, that He intends me to share for the benefit of others.

So today... take a few moments, or hours, to create something He has inspired you to give form, expression, or voice to. Or, enjoy a few moments of appreciating God's artwork, or some that has been crafted by His children.

You want to know one of my favorite artists?

Her name is Carmen Martin.

Her entire house is art. Her yard is art. Her heart is art.

She reflects the Creator so well, and I know He finds such joy in her using the talents He has given her.

Here is just a tiny sampling of why I love her work:

What about you? How has God designed you to create? Are you allowing any time to enjoy your gift or share it with others? Who is one of your favorite artists/authors/singers/dancers/creators? 

*If you've missed any of my first posts in this series that's all about focusing on God, you can hop over to this page and browse through the different titles.* 

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