Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 15:: Bible Study Tools

I've read some things in the Bible that have just confused the mess out of me.

I've heard completely contradictory teachings about what a passage of scripture really means.

And while it is one of my goals to learn Hebrew, I can't claim to know any of the original languages that the Bible was written in.

I can't stand firm on what someone else knows. I personally need to know the heart of the One who inspired the scriptures. I need to know the specifics of what the scriptures say, and what context they were written in.

The more I study the confusing, the seemingly contradictory, the downright strange... the more I trust that the Bible is a living and active book written by a living and active God.

It is flawless truth.

He is.

And He is so good.

So I want to share one of my favorite Bible study tools.

It is the Online Parallel Bible found here.

You can search any word, phrase, chapter, verse or any combination.

You can search the concordance, dictionary, and encyclopedia to study a topic that interests you.

Have you done a study on what the Bible tells us about angels? It's fascinating!

I can't possibly describe everything this site helps with... but look up a verse that interests you and click on the Lexicon tab! And of course, one of my favorite things about this site is that is shows, in parallel form, all the different versions of the Bible. I love reading them all when really trying to grasp the meaning of a verse.

What about you? Do you have a favorite tool that helps you study the Bible? Please share with us in the comments!

*This is a 31 Day series of Things that Help Me Focus. You can find all the other posts here.*

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