Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 19:: Recognizing an Overflowing Cup

These are the days of reminding "we only draw on paper". Where my command and control buttons are scribbled all over.

These are the days of diapers and pull ups, all day being meal time, massive creative messes, laundry, and picking it all up again and again. And again.

These are the days of taste testing everything.

But... these are also the days of answering to "Moooooom! Help please!!", where the things that are tangled I can easily untie.

These are the days that her simply holding my hair and being by my side are sought after comforts.

These are the days of discovering love made just for me.

These days, I am the guest of honor for every tea party, I have front row seats to every play.

These are the days I am their beloved Queen.

My cup is not half empty or half full... it overflows.

It overflows.

Recognizing this... focuses me on Him.

How have you noticed God's love, greatness, and goodness in the midst of all the messy of your life lately? 

*this is day 19 of a 31 Day series of things that help me focus on Christ. If you'd like to see the other posts hop over to this page.*

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