Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 8:: A Beautiful Way to Focus Your Week--Singing Truth

I can be exhausted before a week even begins.

But this... this singing truth... is a beautiful second wind anytime I will breathe it in and sing it out.

Praise, remembering Who He is and how He loves through song, energizes my spirit. 

The joy of the LORD is our strength!

As I run the race that is already marked out for me this week,  I must remember where I'm running.

Into the arms of One who loves me perfectly.  

Nothing, nothing compares to Your embrace. 

Light of the world forever reign!

My heart will sing no other name.

Have you heard this next one? Singing truth aligns my spirit with His. Maybe it does the same for you?

It focuses the eyes of my heart on His glory. 

"My cup, it can't contain all Your glory, Your glory!

Hosanna we are found!

You are Holy!"

Is there a song that you love because it focuses you on Him? Please share in the comments below! Let's begin our week with praise! 

*This is a series on 31 Days to Focus. You can find the other posts here.*


R said...

My current favorites include After All(Holy) By David Crowder Band, and 10,000 reasons by Matt Redman.

Elise said...


10,000 reasons is also played here very, very often! :)

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